07-19-17 House of Surrealism - Torres 1507-19-17 Love Supreme - William Grant & Sons07-19-17 Monkey Shoulder After Party - William Grant & Sons07-19-17 Tasting with Seedlip Drinks07-19-17 USBG Make it Exotico Cocktail Cocktail Competition07-20-17 Bartender Happy Hour Onboard the Patron Tequila Express07-20-17 Booze, Brass & Burlesque - Woody Creek07-20-17 Swim & Swizzle - Rhum Barbancourt07-21-17 An Italian Bitter Affair07-21-17 Classic & Vintage  - Foosball Tournament07-21-17 Hakuna RUMata Tiki Pool Party07-21-17 Introducing Patron Extra Anejo07-21-17 Juiced and Wired Bar07-21-17 Letters to a Young Bartender07-21-17 The Macallan Tasting Suite07-21-17 What's Your Toast to Her Story Challenge07-22-17 Bringing the Chef's Garden to the Bar07-22-17 Celebrate the Patron  Margarita07-22-17 Diplomatico Rum Dynamic Duo07-22-17 Disaranno Whiskey Sour Journey07-22-17 Tia Maria Coffee Lovers Unite07-22-17 Tiangus de Bebidas Mexicans07-22-17 Trash Tiki07-23-17 Hendrick's Air Departure LoungsDynamic Duo - Lisa Laird & Paul GustingsMeet the Distillers Happy Hour